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Immediately after installing the platform on the server, you need to make the basic “necessary” settings.

Default account

Immediately after installation, the first thing (for security reasons) is to change the data of the default account of the platform administrator.

Default data after installation: login password: admin.

And so, to replace the data with your own, go to the My Profile page by clicking on the icon next to the Name on the left in the site header.

Next, on the profile settings page, go to the “Account Information” tab.

And in the “Email address” field, enter your email address. Once completed, click “Save Changes”.

Next, go to the “change password” page and specify the password: admin in the “current password” field, and a new password twice in the “new password” field and “Verify password”, respectively.

Once completed, click “Save Changes”.

Install updates

After setting up a default account, you need to check and install (if available) system updates.

  1. In the side menu, go to the “Updates and modules”.
  2. Select a subsection (tab) “Platform update”.
  3. Check for updates by clicking the “Check now” button.
  4. If there are updates, then click the “Update now” button below.

WARNING! Be sure to wait for the update installation to complete and don’t reload the page!

After the installation is complete, you will see a window informing you that the process was completed successfully. And the platform will automatically restart!

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